Why Upgrade Your Demand Notice?

FreeFinalDemand.com offers you additional options to customize your notice and obtain even better results. It is important to get the debtor’s attention by having your notice stand out from all of the other collection letters that your customer may also be receiving. These options will help to maximize your return on your notice.

Email a copy of the notice in addition to the standard letter
This is effective because it now gives you two chances to connect with your customer. Even if they are out of the office, they can receive and review their email notices.

Mail your notice on colored paper
The colored paper will attract more curiosity than the standard white paper. More attention can equal more money collected for you.

Send the Free Final Demand via Certified Mail in addition to the regular mail
This way the customer has to sign for the letter that was personally delivered to him. You are guaranteed that he received and saw your notice.

Set the delivery of your Free Final Demand by Overnight Service
This is the most effective because everyone believes that the information must be important if we spent the money for overnight delivery.

Include an Address Verification (NCOA) to confirm that the address is a good address
Instead of waiting to see if the mail “sticks”, you will receive immediate notification that there is a problem with the address.

Add Forwarding Address Service to your letter
This allows the post office to forward your letter in the event that the company has moved. In addition, they will notify you of the new forwarded address.

Order an Experian Credit Report
This additional information will let you know the financial condition of your customer and may aid in possible settlement or litigation decisions down the road. 

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If you want your customers to know that you're serious about collecting their money, make your job easier by using your Final Demand Notice.

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When to use FFD?
When to use FFD?

FreeFinalDemand.com is a proven process that maximizes your company’s collections, is easy to use and saves you time and money.

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