Final Demand Letter
Final Demand Letter mails a final demand collection notice to your past due business customer. The letter is effective because it is sent from instead of directly from you, the creditor. The letter advises the delinquent account, that if their balance is not received on or before the “Final Date” they will be placed with CMI Credit Mediators Inc. for direct collection. The final date is clearly called out and all payments are sent directly to you for deposit and processing. There is no fee due us if the payment is received and reported by you during this free demand period. After the “free” period expires and a payment is made then our usual 25% contingent fee will apply. Please click below to see a sample of our Free Final Demand letter.

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Upgrade Notice
Upgrade Notice offers you additional options to customize your notice and obtain even better results. Let’s face it, in general a debtor owes money to more than one creditor, so it is important to have your notice stand out from all of the other collection letters that your customer may also be receiving. These options will help to maximize your return on your notice:

Email a copy of the notice in addition to the standard letter

• Mail your notice on colored paper

• Send the Free Final Demand via Certified Mail in addition to the regular mail

• Set the delivery of your Free Final Demand by Overnight Service

• Include an Address Verification (NCOA) to confirm that the address is a good address

• Add Forwarding Address Service to your letter

• Order an Experian Credit Report

Interactive Reports
Interactive Reports

As a client user on you can confidently place your debtor to receive a Free Demand letter. There are upgraded services for the letter available for a small charge. These range from colored paper to various mailing options, so you can tailor each and every letter to your specific account. You will receive an acknowledgment of the placement along with the ability to report the payments that you have received from the placed accounts. While in the final demand phase of collection, you can also order status reports, which will let you know, what accounts have been placed, the original balance, any payments that have been made, the date the file will roll to direct collect and the current status of the account. All of this information is available on our secure website and can be retrieved by you 24/7.


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Direct Collection Service
Direct Collection Service

In the event that your account does not resolve the balance on or before the final date, the account is then rolled to our direct collection service. As a leader in third party commercial debt recovery, CMI is certified by the Commercial Collection Agencies of America and is registered, bonded and/or licensed in the states that require a commercial license. We know how important every account is to your business, so every step we make is designed to maintain your relationship with each one. We listen. Your debtor will be personally contacted by a professional collector to discuss his obligation and arrange prompt remittance. CMI Credit Mediators Inc. is always your safest and most trusted source for professional collections.

Legal Forwarding Service
Legal Forwarding Service

For those accounts that require the attention of an attorney, CMI Credit Mediators Inc. has developed a network of lawyers that specialize in the commercial practice. Once our collector’s effort has been expended, and our in-house attorney has reviewed the case, with your permission we will forward your debtor to an attorney located in the debtor’s geographical area for litigation. This gives you the further advantages of obtaining a judgment and executing on that judgment. A CMI Legal Coordinator will be available to explain the system and help you navigate the process every step of the way.

Other Services
Other Services

CMI Credit Mediators Inc. offers many other services for the benefit of the Controller and Credit Manager. They are as follows:

Outsourcing: This is a pre-collect service for accounts between 31 and 90 days old. The programs are customized and designed to fit with your present system. Please contact us directly for a consultation and quote.

Letter Series: This is also a pre-collect program where a series of four letters is sent to your customer to remind them to pay your bill. At the end of the series, you have the option of rolling them to direct collect.

Experian Credit Reports: CMI is a reseller of these business to business credit reports. They can be purchased on a per-account basis so there is no long term commitment or minimum number of reports to buy. There is a choice of types of reports including International.

Please visit for further information on the above services.

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